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A Date Night & A Ding-Dong Exposed – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

A Date Night & A Ding-Dong Exposed – The Ashley's Reality Roundup
“Surprises are cool…and stuff…”

Seize a Bud Mild (or eight) and throw on a TTM T-shirt, because it’s Teen Mother OG time!

The Ashley‘s been a bit behind on the recaps, but those of you who sat by means of the current crapisodes know that the women seem to have all types of issues lately–- from baby daddy dippin’ their doo-dahs into new women, to relapsin’ fathers and, in fact baby daddy drama! 

We first examine in with Cheyennewho tells us she’s feeling “a bit extra snug” with Cory courting his ex Taylor, since she has a brand new man herself and doesn’t need to take one other experience of Cory’s disco stick any time soon. She’s not thrilled, nevertheless, that Cory is planning to be pumpin’ and humpin’ Taylor in St. Lucia through the actual time his mother is coming to town. Cheyenne’s pissed that Cory might be rubbing his, um, coconuts all over some chick while she has to “clear her schedule” to entertain Granny Wharton!

Cheyenne discusses Granny Wharton’s trip together with her mother and oddly named sister, R. Kelly Clarkson, who each agree that Cory’s sort of an assgrab for choosing, properly, ass-grabbing over hanging out together with his mama. 

(Thankfully for Cory’s mom, she’ll still have plenty of opportunities to see her son by means of the oversharing he can be doing on social media… spoiler alert.)

My reaction to Cheyenne saying she needed to clear her schedule…

Earlier than jetting off to maintain his obligations as a “social media influencer” (Insert BIGGEST EYE ROLL EVER), Cory takes Ryder to lunch with Taylor at the “Bru’s Wiffle” restaurant. (That identify seems like one thing your telephone would auto-correct to after you tried to sort “Bro’s Waffle”…do you have to ever have to sort “Bro’s Waffle.”)

Whereas at the restaurant, Cory calls his mom to remind her that he won’t be around during his mom’s visit. 

“So that you selected a trip and Taylor over me?” his mother asks when he calls her.

“Nicely, yeah…however I’m mad that I’m missing you!” he tells her.

I feel that’s nice…

“I feel you’ll want to be sporting certainly one of these shirts too, Dad, based mostly in your current actions…”

(The St. Lucia Tourism Division should really use this state of affairs to its advantage. I picture them plastering a pic of Cory on their newest advertising materials, along with the tagline: “St. Lucia: It’s Ditch Ya Mama Enjoyable!”)

We subsequent head to Indiana, the place Amber has lately came upon that her daughter Leah is probably having panic attacks. She stated she needs to spend more time together with her daughter. (But, in fact, everyone knows Amber is “in the industry,” which makes it onerous to see Leah and different non-industry people.)

Amber (whose eyebrows actually deserve their own “torn piece of paper identify tag thing this episode) is an previous hat at the panic assaults (among other forms of assaults), so she thinks she is going to be capable of help Leah by means of this. She calls Gary who tells her the current panic assault Leah had was only the second time it had ever occurred, although Amber tells him that Leah stated it had happened eight occasions.

“That’s the final time I exploit considered one of Jenelle Evans’ eyebrow kits!”

Gary tells Amber that six of these incidents occurred when Leah was in hassle, but Amber argues that they need to consider Leah and assist her discover ways to deal with the difficulty.

“I just don’t wish to put a label on our daughter,” Gary says. “I don’t like saying that she’s having this concern so it’s in all probability because she’s loopy.”

Gary’s selection of phrases depart Amber shook. (She is literally shook; she does that little head shake/eye bulge thing she does right earlier than she turns into Ambo, the unimaginable shrieking, television-throwing hulk!) 

We ALL know this look…

Andrew is standing there, watching it all go down. He has a terrified look on his face and seems to be getting all sweaty. He even has to take his glasses off to wipe the perspiration from his forehead.) 

Over in Tennessee, it’s time to celebration! (Or, as Maci and Taylor would say, it’s Monday.) 

Taylor’s 30th birthday is arising and Maci is unimpressed to seek out out that her husband’s concept of a celebration is having dinner together with her, Bentley and the Oopsie Babies. Sensing Maci’s judgement, Taylor provides a lame try and redeem some cool points by asking for a mud bike for his birthday, however Maci shoots down that concept, fearing that Taylor will end up in a physique forged, rendering himself unable to help with their toddler circus.

“If he’s in a full body forged, although, no less than he can’t impregnate me, so there’s that!”

Maci gained’t permit (um?) the dust bike, even after Taylor argues that “typically the fun things are just a little risky,” which is seemingly the official slogan of everybody Maci has procreated with.

“Properly, he ain’t incorrect.”

Maci decides to plan a surprise celebration for Taylor at a baseball recreation. When assembly up with a mutual pal to debate details, Maci says she’ll pull off the surprise by telling Taylor they’re going to the sport to rejoice a personality trait award that Bentley acquired at college.

Maci needs the get together to be PERFECT so her and her blond pal that models for his or her weird T-shirt firm brainstorm (over Bud Lights, in fact). 

Finally, we verify in with Catelynn and Tyler. In an effort to keep their marriage afloat and momentarily distract themselves from the home of animals and screaming offspring they’ve created, they’re making plans for a date night time of facials, massages and dinner. 

(Significantly…these individuals get rubbed and scrubbed more than another individuals I’ve ever seen on the TV, even these Kardashians! How many “spa breaks” does one need in a month?!)

Nova shouldn’t be joyful concerning the plan. She’s whining and crying (whereas pulling a poor dog around on a leash). The enraged screaming becomes even louder when Tyler frees the pup from Nova’s clutches.

OK, now I see why they want so many massages and “breaks.” Nova is…quite a bit.

If her head begins spinning around, I’m out…

Later, Ty and Cate take their litter over to Tyler’s mother Kim‘s home for dinner. They explain the plan: dump the kiddos at Granny April’s House ‘o’ Ciggie Smoke after which head to the spa to get facials and massages.

Tyler is basically excited for the facial…like, actually excited.

“This is my excited face.”

Cate is making an attempt to justify that every married couple must have date night time.

“I imply, don’t you and Invoice assume it’s essential to exit for dates?” Cate asks Kim.

Kim seems confused. I’m positive the only time her and her husband Bill get ‘massages’ is once they take turns rubbing a can of Mountain Dew into one another’s backs.

Kim does agree, although, that they should have date night time ‘as soon as a month.’ Tyler argues that their therapist informed them to ditch the youngsters and get rubbed together each time attainable.

“The extra the higher!” he exclaims. 

Meanwhile in California, Cheyenne and her sister, R. YouAfraidOfTheDark, speak about Cory’s latest act of social media influence, which consisted of him by accident posting a “d**okay slip” whereas filming Taylor twerking in the rest room in St. Lucia. (That could be, arms down, the classiest sentence we’ve ever written.)

Cory (and his exposed ding dong) are within the prime right nook, however they’re blurred out, you sickos…

After Cory returns from St. Lucia, he and Cheyenne meet up to hang out with Ryder and Cory wastes no time in addressing the elephant in the room. 

“I imply, typically the world wants slightly little bit of wee-wee,” he tells Cheyenne, who seems grossed out that she ever procreated with a man who says ‘wee-wee.’ “I’m so stupid for that. I didn’t even look within the mirror.” 

“The one time this man doesn’t look within the damn mirror!”

Cheyenne tells Cory she’s glad nothing occurred with Ryder’s health whereas he was away—because it did when he was on his previous “social media influencer” trip to Mexico. Cory tells her he was nervous about that taking place the whole time he was away.

Positive, Jan….

Cory tells Cheyenne that when Ryder ended up in the hospital final time for points associated to VLCAD, she never advised him to return house from Mexico. Cheyenne argues that her just telling him that Ryder was within the hospital should have been enough to make him come house, but Cory disagrees. 

Cory tells Cheyenne if that happens again in the future she wants to only tell him, “Cory, get your a** right here.”

We’d wish to go ahead and add to that, “Cory, put your d**okay away.” 

Over in Indiana, Amber is meeting up with Gary to talk about Leah. Naturally, they choose to satisfy up at a sketchy and eerily vacant park. (Fortunately, Amber is a “real lady” and may in all probability take any type of trouble-causing vagrant which will strategy them.)

Gary is downplaying Leah’s attainable panic attacks, but Amber is nervous. She says that Leah might benefit from seeing a therapist. She reminds Gary that she and him both had trash-heaps of childhoods they usually both might have significantly benefited from seeing a therapist again then. Gary agrees, and says he’ll go together with the plan for Leah to see a therapist.

“I imply, she sees Dr. Drew at ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions. Isn’t that principally the identical factor?”

Amber also tells Gary that desires all the time with Leah that she’s entitled to—-even when Leah might not need to come over. She’s nervous that Leah won’t really feel related to her if she doesn’t see her typically.  

Afterward, Gary tells Kristina about his chat with Amber in the creepy park. He expresses his considerations about individuals judging Leah for suffering from panic assaults. In the meantime, Amber shares with Andrew that she’s pursuing more time with Leah. Andrew tells her he is aware of how much it harm her not with the ability to see Leah prior to now, adding that it was “robust to observe.” 

Additionally robust to observe: Gary pretending to reciprocate this embrace.

“That’s a mom, although,” Amber tells him. “That’s a mother. Like, you possibly can’t just surrender in your youngsters. Ever.”

Um…no one informed Amber to surrender on Leah however….OK…

Over in Tennessee, it’s the night time of the social gathering/baseball recreation. Maci, Taylor and Bentley arrive at the area. Maci has a set filled with “Over the Hill” balloons (as well as ones that say “Let’s Get together Man”), with lots of their friends and family there to rejoice Taylor turning 30. (Naturally no less than 40 % of the party-goers are wearing Issues That Matter gear. The others are sporting shirts with Taylor’s face on them.)

Taylor is totally stunned by the get together, and thanks Maci for placing so much effort into celebrating his birthday. He does not get the filth bike her requested, however Maci does give him permission to buy himself a mud bike, though.

“See, aren’t you glad I utterly ignored all the things you asked for?”

In the midst of the surprise-party storyline, we examine in with Ryan and Mackenzie. Ryan tells Mack he is open to speaking with Maci, however because of the no contact order, he can’t achieve this with out operating the danger of going back to jail. We additionally study that Ryan is contemplating beginning his own landscaping business. 

It’s riveting television.

In Michigan, it’s a couple of days before Tyler and Catelynn’s huge date night time. Cate is house with the youngsters while Tyler is out getting his bloody Batman tattoo to honor their new daughter Vaeda…as you do.

“So it’s like Batman…and he’s obtained, like, blood on him and like battle wounds and he’s holding a baby,” Catelynn explains to a confused Producer Kerthy. “It’s like he needed to go through all this rough stuff to get a child!” 

Kerthy making an attempt to determine if Cate is critical about Ty’s tattoo…or if they’re punking her…

Producer Kerthy and Cate speak concerning the rough 18 months Cate and Tyler had as a pair, together with when Cate was considering getting an abortion when she came upon she was pregnant with Vaeda. She says she now feels responsible about contemplating abortion, and that she plans to speak to Tyler about what she’s going by means of throughout their date night time. 

A couple of days later, it’s date night time! Earlier than they hit the town, Cate and Tyler make a pit cease at April’s home to dump their youngsters—- however not earlier than Cate scars Nova (and principally all of us ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers) for life by cheerfully singing to Tyler, “date night time, I’m gonna f**okay your face” during their drive. 

Tyler…on the lookout for an escape route…

They arrive at Casa de April (with that Virginia Slims smoke pouring out the door once they open it.) April’s house is a magical place filled with green fish tanks, junk and a lifetime provide of Burger King collectible plastic cups.

Nova begins to throw a fit when she finds out Ty and Cate are leaving. Nevertheless, once they inform her that Granny April has already dug out a hole for Nova to sleep in inside one of many bedrooms, she permits her mother and father to go with out an excessive amount of fuss.

“I removed that junkie Butch but I didn’t eliminate the junk!”

Ty and Cate have individuals rub them, then head to a restaurant. As soon as at dinner, Cate talks to Tyler concerning the points that they had of their marriage and Tyler admits that the information of Cate’s pregnancy made him need to work on issues. Additionally they speak about Cate contemplating an abortion, which Tyler was very much towards. 

“Keep in mind what I stated? ‘Absolutely not,’” he tells Cate. “As a result of you understand what’s loopy? I knew in my heart, I knew in my spirit, I knew in my soul, ‘No, no.’ As a result of I knew we have been going to be together and have this baby.” 

Tyler also assures Cate that Vaeda gained’t be affected by what was happening between the 2 them whereas she was within the womb. At the very least not till she’s old enough to make use of Google, that is. 

Luckily, the Date Night time footage cuts off there, and we don’t have to witness the  “face-f**king” Catelynn promised would come later. Thank the Jesus God Leah! 

Until next episode…

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