Money: The Source of All Evil?

Angel and devil money

Let’s speak about cash. I used to be interested by it, is it actually the supply of evil on this world? The reply for positive isn’t an absolute sure or no. There are numerous parameters that we now have to research earlier than reaching out a conclusion. This text displays some ideas of mine and naturally it’s subjective and in no circumstances may be thought-about as right or incorrect, true or false or something like that.




This dialog is about criticizing the fashionable society and the standard angle of the individuals. Do you consider that the cash in its present type is a corrupting issue of the human soul? Within the following strains, we’ll analyze some information to know if cash is an evil assemble or not. For those who don’t discover something mistaken on the earth as it’s otherwise you really feel that all the things is good, cease studying and go right here, or else be warned that you could be waste your valuable time.


Bodily Assets: The Blood of Financial system (not!)


Do you play pc video games? I really like pc video games and particularly technique video games. Nicely, within the majority of technique video games there’s some kind of financial system. It’s essential to broaden your empire, tribe, company, group; you identify it. A lot of the video games are preserving the financial system system easy. Each financial system depends on bodily assets. So you need to collect assets (some pop assets in technique video games are wooden, stone, gold, and so on.) to construct buildings, purchase upgrades, perform some research, and so forth. The extra assets you will have, the quicker you possibly can increase. Straightforward.


This technique is identical as in actuality, however much more difficult because of the larger variety of assets. As with the technique video games, the business wants bodily assets to rework them into items or consumables. As a species, nation,  city, or regardless of the scale is, there’s all the time a useful resource harvesting course of after which a change to helpful gadgets. At This level, the method is analogous in each instances.


For holding buying and selling straightforward, the individuals invented foreign money.  They exchanged cash as an alternative of products as a result of it was straightforward. Issues obtained uncontrolled when the cash itself turned a product. From a easy and useful gizmo, it turned a buying and selling commodity. Nevertheless it nonetheless stays the device for buying and selling items. Proper? By turning into a product it mechanically misplaced its connection to the bodily world. Now, the cash that one possess is simply air. Up to now, it had some worth in gold. Now it’s only a product you could additionally purchase and promote.



That is the purpose the place the technique video games and actuality differ. Within the video games, the cash that you’ve have a direct connection to the harvested assets. In the actual world, this connection doesn’t exist anymore.


Cash as a Product: The Evil Begins


With that evolution of the foreign money, some new financial phrases additionally born and a few of them outline our lives and future. One widespread one is the debt. Whenever you spend cash that you simply borrowed, however can’t pay again, you create dDebt. However who was lent you the cash and why? How can this commerce be translated to the easier recreation financial system mannequin? It can’t. There isn’t a connection. It’s one thing else that has nothing to do with the method of gathering supplies and creating items. It’s only a complicated layer of management over the inhabitants. We’ll see why.



That is the primary signal that cash appears to be linked to the evil. As we all know, the cash from a useful software, reworked into an instrument of mass management and rivalry. It’s associated explicitly to an individual’s freedom. Your freedom stops on the spot the place you run out of cash.


Sadly, cash is related to consumption. You haven’t any cash; you can’t eat. Proper? No, it’s worse. You haven’t any cash, you die. You must earn money for a dwelling. With out it, you can’t afford to have a house, and you can’t purchase meals and naturally you don’t have entry to the healthcare system.


Within the technique video games, the assets that you simply collect and spend are for the widespread good of your colony. In different phrases, your group advantages from the assets all equally (sure I do know what that is… however no, I’m not a communist). The purpose right here is that you simply don’t have to fret about serving to the poor and the homeless in video games as a result of they merely don’t exist. The widespread assumption is that so long as, we’re speaking about an advanced society of sensible and acutely aware beings, there are not any individuals with uncovered primary wants.


In fact, the truth is totally different. In a recreation, if there’s for instance overpopulation, you simply collect assets and construct homes on your individuals. You don’t construct homes after which hold them vacant as a result of these individuals can’t purchase them… A structured human society ought to assure all the essential wants of its inhabitants.


This precept is mirrored in technique video games, however not in actuality. It’s as a result of this additional layer of management that is known as financial system. There isn’t a want for a system like that in a recreation as there will probably be no enjoyable in any respect. Aside from that, your society can be doomed in any case. Think about what number of micromanagement parameters you must have to think about and regulate to be everybody completely happy. Truly, you can’t fulfill all of them.


So long as the cash is important for the human survival, aside from the truth that it’s managed by a tiny proportion of folks that have countless quantities of it, the cash turns into the first objective for each human. At this level, the corruption of a virtuous human soul begins. We’ll speak about corruption shortly.


Domination: Nature’s Fault


However what occurs with the those that have handed by far the necessity of creating wealth for a dwelling. They only proceed to earn a living, demanding increasingly. However they know as we additionally know that it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ve a lot that may make no distinction whether or not they proceed to earn huge income or not. This type of individuals reminiscent of bankers, multinational company CEOs, politicians, and so on. simply don’t cease. They’re addicted making increasingly income, however the reason being different. It isn’t for survival or consumption as a result of they’ve a lot that may purchase something. It’s all about energy. It’s all about this darkish feeling that lies hidden in every one among us.




It’s a primal intuition that desires us to be greater within the hierarchy, to earn the respect or worry of the others. To be “Godlike.” These individuals, care about their “legacy,” their household identify, their actions, they usually get hooked on their energy over the individuals’s lives. It isn’t concerning the cash; it’s concerning the human nature. Who stated that nature doesn’t make errors? It’s referred to as domination and is likely one of the largest, and it isn’t solely in people however in animals too.


So, because it involves pure conduct, why is that dangerous? As a result of as advanced creatures we now have developed consciousness and intelligence. These traits of our mind cortex ought to management our primal instincts. If we can’t management them, then we’re only a bunch of animals in a jungle.


As a member of an organized society, you management your hostility to a different individual, and also you don‘t begin a battle, on the similar time you don’t flirt together with your greatest good friend’s spouse, and also you don’t steal from a retailer even when your intuition is telling you the other. We now have invented legal guidelines for maintaining our primal instincts underneath management. In any other case, an organized society wouldn’t exist.


It’s All About Survival


The human “weak spot” of the necessity for increasingly energy to dominate the lives of the others can also be a primal intuition that have to be suppressed in an organized society. Properly, it didn’t occur. How is the cash linked to this defective human component? Cash is energy, is freedom, is information, and is leverage.


Because the technique of energy advanced, domination modified too. Regardless of who you’re, in case you are wholesome, robust, clever, educated or no matter traits you possess, when you don’t have cash you’re thought-about weak. Ultimately, you’ll decrease your phrases to get some money as a result of your survival is dependent upon it.




However, If a cancerous, unhealthy, fats, boastful, malicious, and principally hated “Godlike”  gives you a chance to earn some bits of cash when you’re empty, he “saves you.” He simply buys a follower. You see a savior in his face, and he’s seeing a worshipper in yours, confirming that his deeds may be in comparison with that of a god’s. That is domination, a serious flaw in our nature that our societies didn’t handle to restrict.


All these stuff deliver the corruption of the typical human, not solely the highly effective. Because the society doesn’t care about its members’ wants, incomes cash turned the primary goal of all. Individuals turned so targeted on this goal that they forgot that they can’t purchase happiness. Individuals overvalued their main objective abandoning all the things else. They turned disrespectful and egocentric. Their motto was modified from “I feel subsequently I’m” to “I eat subsequently I’m.” Most individuals are giving up their beliefs and virtues when a chance for a “massive rating” exhibits up.




So, is the present type of cash the basis of all evil? No! It isn’t the basis; it’s simply the spine. The basis is our thirst for energy, it’s an intuition since our existence, and we can’t take away it from our nature.  Theoretically, this sickness ought to have been contained when the person invented the Regulation, however even the Regulation has its worth.


So long as anybody can acquire limitless quantities of cash, he can accumulate limitless energy as properly. Limitless energy means that you’re above the Regulation. Who’s above the Regulation? A god. Who creates a Regulation? A god. Who establishes the legal guidelines? Highly effective individuals. Why? Since you, that you simply don’t possess that a lot energy to be unable to harm them.


If we make a abstract of what we mentioned above, all of the evil indicators of the cash:

  • Freedom stops when the cash
  • No cash, no life. Actually!
  • Enforces the primal intuition of domination.
  • Corruption


“Options Please!”

However how might we keep away from that end result? Nicely, I consider that if we had stored it easy, then we might have thrived as a species. We might have executed it like within the technique video games.


So long as human exercise and evolution depend upon bodily assets, we might simply produce the identical items based mostly on the harvested assets. The cash would exist solely as a imply of controlling consumerism, in a method that merchandise may be reasonably priced to all of the individuals. The state would cowl all the primary wants, corresponding to housing, feeding, healthcare, and so forth. Cash nonetheless retains the id of the buying and selling device, however it’s simply that.


Truly, in this sort of society cash doesn’t exist. It’s only a restrict to what every member can eat making an allowance for that manufacturing is predicated on restricted bodily assets. This sort of financial system makes it unattainable for anybody to amass large quantities of cash and energy however nonetheless offers an honest way of life for all individuals.


That is one other matter I want to write about later. Additionally, it’s the financial system mannequin of the “Venture Athena,” the primary human colony that determined to type a social-economical system that may keep away from the errors of the Earth individuals. It’s a part of my free e-book that I’m going to publish on this website shortly. I hope you’ll prefer it.