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Remembering Father’s Day & the Return of Mackenzie McKee – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

Remembering Father’s Day & the Return of Mackenzie McKee – The Ashley's Reality Roundup
Me, trotting off to observe one other episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’…

Take a break from in search of your lacking tooth and/or brushing your remedy horse, and settle in on the couch subsequent to Amber, it’s time to interrupt down the newest episode of Teen Mom OG

We begin issues off at Cate and Tyler’s farm (?), with a special look by Cate’s cloud of cigarette smoke that the digital camera crew is making an attempt their absolute best to hide. 

“Is April right here? I swear I can odor the tar-like scent of her ciggies!” 

It’s virtually Carly’s 10th birthday so Producer Kerthy decides to speak to Cate about how she and Tyler deal with the adoption matter with Nova. Cate says they maintain the dialog fairly mild, being that Nova is just too young to know the state of affairs. She then saddles up on her therapy horse and rides off, leaving Kerthy to ask Tyler comparable adoption-related questions. 

I’m assuming the matching side-bangs is a part of the remedy process…

Tyler’s recommendation to anyone contemplating putting their baby is to know the folks that want to undertake your baby “very, very nicely.” Tyler says Carly’s mother and father, BrandonNTeresa,are “nicely off individuals.” (Unusually, although, it’s highly probably that, because of their big ‘Teen Mom’ paychecks, Cate and Ty are way more “nicely off” than BrandonNTeresa now.)

He also says that BrandonNTeresa are extra reserved than he and Cate…i.e. they’ve never spent the afternoon cleansing their mom (or dad’s) yak off the living room Lazy Boy chair. 

Tyler says if he and Cate had it to do over, they might have thought-about a pair that was extra relaxed and down with things… reminiscent of chain smoking, america Jail System and mullets.

On the flip aspect, Tyler admits BrandonNTeresa in all probability didn’t know what they have been moving into having Tyler and Cate as their youngster’s delivery mother and father both. I’m positive if Mr. and Mrs. Whitebread had recognized that they’d still be getting verbally trashed on TV a decade after meeting Cate and Ty, they’d have reconsidered the adoption.

Next up we verify in with Cheyenne and her boyfriend Matt. It’s the day earlier than Father’s Day, and, in honor of the vacation, Cheyenne says she plans to go away Matt at residence while she goes to lunch with Ryder and Cory. After treating her baby daddy to lunch, Cheyenne plans to take Matt to satisfy her father and grandfather. 

Whenever you need a free meal for Father’s Day however you haven’t knocked any women up…yet…

Matt tells Cheyenne he’s effective together with her and Cory going out to lunch alone with Ryder and he even reaches out to Cory himself to thank him for sharing his “bundle of joy.”

I feel that’s nice…until in fact he’s referring to Cheyenne, by which case that’s bizarre.

Afterward, Cheyenne meets Cory and Ryder at an almost empty restaurant for lunch. After Cory opens up his Father’s Day present of exercise sweats, he and Cheyenne speak about their state of affairs and each agree that Matt and Taylor are good sports activities for being cool with their co-parenting relationship.

“Thanks for the child…and stuff.”

Next up we verify in with Mackenzie in Oklahoma. Mackenzie makes an awesome first impression in her first ‘Teen Mother OG’ scene by altering her seemingly school-aged youngster Broncs’ crappy diaper in the midst of the hallway, as her daughter runs away because of the stench.


A sign of what’s to return.

Mackenzie’s show introduction consists of (but just isn’t restricted to) Broncs’ aforementioned crappy diaper, an enormous dogging licking the desk, and Broncs gnawing on a plastic water bottle.

You significantly can’t make this crap (no pun meant) up!

After recovering from that mess, we then see Mackenzie try and “do some work” on her laptop whereas her youngsters run around like animals. It’s significantly like a menagerie of feral youngsters.

“I’m Mackenzie and also you’ll be seeing more of my life for the subsequent few episodes,” Mackenzie tells us.

Um…is that a promise or a menace?

In what would be the most robotic voiceover studying since Leah Messer graduated from Hooked on Phonic, Mackenzie tells us that “A.Lot.Has.Modified.Since.I.Was.On.Sixteen.And.Pregnant.”

For one, Mackenzie is working to grow to be the Jane Fonda of our Era. She’s constructing a Jazzercise model (or one thing) the place she makes use of the Internets to inspire individuals to do jumping jacks…or something. We study that Mackenzie’s husband Josh continues to be “doing the rodeoing,” which requires him to travel typically. 

“‘Member me?!”

Mackenzie’s daughter plunks down a jumbo-sized field of Prime Ramen on the freshly dog-licked desk. (Apparently, Mack’s youngsters are following the Leah Messer Vitamin Plan? There’s little question Mack’s pantry is jam-packed with cans of raviolis, simply ripe for the microwaving!) 

It’s about noon, so Mackenzie’s fixin’ to finally wake up Josh as a result of she needs somebody to yap at. She shrieks in his ear to wake up, as a few of the Feral Youngsters rollerskate by way of the home.

As soon as Josh has rolled himself away from bed, he sits down for a spell to take heed to Mackenzie yell at him for making her watch the youngsters when she should have been “doing business.” Josh seems like he needs to chew his personal ear off so he gained’t should take heed to Mack bitch about having to be the one to make the youngsters’ Prime Ramen lunches.

She has this complete conversation together with her eyes bugged out to large levels. (Mack better chill. We all know Ryan Edwards has the monopoly on eye-bugging for ‘Teen Mother OG.’)

“Again off my title, bi-otch!”

Later, Josh talks together with his dad about his marriage. As his dad is praising Josh for overcoming all the “rocky roads” with Mackenzie, Josh simply randomly blurts out that there’s “a whole lot of cheatin’ that goes on in Rodeo.” 

Um…nobody requested you that but thanks…

Meanwhile, at residence, Mack is making an attempt to get Broncs to take his cough drugs…chased with root beer.

Somebody in the graphics division was really displaying off with this gem…

Next, we head to Indiana, the place we find Amber and Andrew occupying their often couch cushions. As a result of Amber’s storyline is fairly bleak proper now (something she certainly gained’t have to worry about next season), she talks to Andrew about Leah wanting her own Instagram account.

I mean, we’ve already spent an ENTIRE EPISODE watching Amber get a blood check. What’s left for a story line? Amber buying tampons? 

Amber’s segments are starting to appear to be a ‘Teen Mom OG’ model of ‘Wayne’s World.’

Amber thinks Leah is just too young to be on social media, particularly because she’s grown up on TV. Andrew suggests giving Leah an alias to use on her account, comparable to “Daisy Duke 29 or whatever”… because that identify would undoubtedly hold creepy previous men from sliding into a toddler’s DMs.

(In addition to, I’m fairly sure that Farrah Abraham is probably already using that alias for her daughter Sophia, anyway!) 

“You and Farrah ought to actually think about teaming up to co-write a e-book on parenting, Andrew!”

Amber decides she’ll speak to Gary concerning the Instagram difficulty as an alternative of counting on Andrew’s “alias” ideas.

Next we head to Tennessee where Maci and Taylor are planning for Father’s Day—-plans that don’t embrace Ryan, as he’s but to succeed in out to them. As an alternative, Maci, Taylor and the Oopsie Baby Brigade are sticking to their own plans and traveling to Atlanta for Bentley’s baseball event. 

“Actually guys? Another episode focusing on balls? I do know she’ll sneak that vasectomy concept back in!”

Maci tells Taylor she hopes Ryan will keep in mind he’s a father and present up for Bentley’s games, but neither of them are holding their breath. Maci says if Ryan occurs to succeed in out final minute to make Father’s Day plans, he’s SOL because her days of being accommodating are gone. 

Maci tells Producer Jeni that Bentley doesn’t anticipate Ryan to return to his games. In reality, the kid never even asks anymore. Luckily, although, Ryan’s mother and father Jen and Larry make frequent appearances on the ball subject to help Bentley. 

Additionally, Maci does this complete scene whereas sporting what have to be newest look from the TTM jailbird line.

“If things go south with the courtroom trial, I’ve received you coated, Amber! You’ll be the freshest prisoner within the pen!”

Once we verify back in with Mackenzie McKee, we study that the spouse of one among Josh’s rodeo pals reached out to let her know that her husband had tried to select up a rodeo groupie at a bar and Josh occurred to be his wingman for the conquest. 

Can we stop here for a sec? If this lady’s personal husband was making an attempt to play “Cover the Horsie” with some bar ho-bag, why isn’t she making an attempt to give attention to that moderately than rat out Josh, who was a seemingly incident bystander to the ho-bag hookup?

“Don’t these women have something better to do with their time… like perhaps getting knocked up and pursuing a profession in reality TV?”

Mack admits that, earlier than they have been married, she and Josh have been each cheaters and liars, but she says she thought they have been over all that now that they’re hitched and elevating an assortment of feral youngsters together. 

The whole thing has Mackenzie questioning her “rock strong” marriage, whereas we’re just making an attempt to wrap our heads round the truth that rodeo groupies are a factor. 

Mack’s good friend says that if SHE had a husband (and that’s not more likely to happen as lengthy she’s nonetheless making an attempt to make that hair scrunchie “occur”), she wouldn’t even trust her husband to do “the rodeoing” because it requires him to be gone so much and be in environments recognized for dishonest.

“Males LIKE scrunchies, OK!?”

Mackenzie vows to “resolve this” state of affairs, and discover out as soon as and for all if the only factor Josh has been driving these days is broncos! 

Next we head again to Michigan the place Tyler is driving—- a rarity on this show—- to select Nova up from faculty. On the experience house, Tyler tells Nova he picked up a cake to rejoice Carly’s birthday and Nova is confused, and at her age, rightfully so. She asks if Carly is coming over to their home and Tyler tells her she gained’t be as a result of she’s at house together with her mother and father. 

“Do her mother and father have one million animals operating in and round their house, too?”

Despite the confusion, Nova gets affirmation that she’s getting some cake out of no matter is occurring, so all is properly on her end. 

Again in Tennessee, we catch up with Ryan and the Edwards crew. Jen and Mackenzie are excitedly telling Jagger that it’s his first Father’s Day together with his dad. (Stated dad, by the best way, is standing as distant as potential from his household and lurking by the garage like he’s there to repair the water heater or one thing.)

Mackenzie says she and Ryan are planning to go to Bentley’s event, as are Jen and Larry. Jen says she plans to ask Maci if they will deliver Bentley residence with them after the game to rejoice the remainder of Father’s Day. (Perhaps Ryan will even agree to return within 20 ft of Bentley to mark the occasion?) 

Ryan in his pure habitat: behind bars….

Back in Indiana, we see Amber name Gary to discuss Leah getting on Instagram.

“What’s happening, Massive Man?” she asks as he answers the telephone. (I don’t even need to know if that was his nickname from again once they have been collectively or what…)

Amber and Gary are each nervous to permit Leah to have social media.

“She’s been on TV her entire life and other people benefit from that!” Amber says. (We clearly know Amber’s an professional on that taking place.)

“Um, yeah, you’re welcome for that, Amba!”

Amber suggests they allow Leah to get Instagram at age 12, but Gary is hesitant to comply with that. He factors out that social media has significantly affected Amber’s life and he doesn’t want that taking place to Leah. 

Amber admits to Producer David that if Leah’s entire life hadn’t been plastered on TV, she may be extra lenient in permitting Leah to do sure things.

Later, Gary breaks the information to Leah after speaking to Amber and Kristina and Leah takes it fairly properly. One thing we’re not taking very properly, nevertheless, is the truth that this was literally Amber’s only storyline this episode. 

“And you thought my vasectomy episode was tough to take a seat by way of.”

Over in Oklahoma, Mack continues to be reeling after listening to the information of her husband’s wingman ways. She sits Josh right down to get some answers and “clear the air.” (Um, judging by the appears of that home, it might take an entire lot of Febreeze— and probably a bug bomb or two— to clear the air in that place!)

Mack cuddles as much as her (probably dishonest) husband to talk about what really went down on the bar whereas he was out rodeoing. We find out that Mack is actually mad that Josh even went to a bar and “lied” about it by not telling her.


She tells Josh she’s “giving him the prospect” to elucidate “his aspect.” 

Josh explains that he “went to Billy Bob’s” (no, critically) for a couple of drinks when some ladies started speaking to him and his good friend.

“We was just drinkin’ and foolin’ up ‘er at Billy Bob’s…”

Josh points out that he didn’t pursue something with the rodeo hoes, it was his good friend; nevertheless, Mackenzie shouldn’t be joyful that she needed to hear concerning the state of affairs from another person. 

Josh swears there was “no affection” being shown. (At the very least, I feel that’s what he stated. This dude make the mumbling Corey Tyler seem like the King of Enunciation!)

 A beat-down Josh grumbles that he didn’t tell Mack he was going to a bar as a result of was “avoidin’ a battle.” He swears he would never cheat on her.

Mackenzie tells Josh that nothing is value ruining what they have and she or he asks him if he’ll tell her about these rodeo-hoe run-ins in the future. Josh says “I don’t know,” and Mack tells him she “cannot stay with him on that answer.”

Josh will get a glint of hope in his eyes for the primary time this episode, nevertheless it goes away virtually immediately as he realizes Mack’s not giving him a ticket out of the House of Chaos. 

“If I might shackle you to the bathroom, I might!” 

After dealing with Josh, Mackenzie meets up together with her mother and father at a abandoned park. She says she’s been having a hard time because, now that her mother Angie is going by way of most cancers remedies, Mack feels dangerous going to her for recommendation about bucking bronco bar babes and whatnot.

After talking about Mackenzie and Josh’s belief issues, the topic modifications to Angie’s cancer analysis. Angie tells Mackenzie she’s starting a certain sort of chemo the following week, which she describes as one thing for “sufferers who have tried every part else.” 

Mack tells her mom that she’ll be “really mad” if the chemo doesn’t make her better, as a result of she needs her mother to be the “glue” that holds her “shattered glass” of a scorching mess life collectively.

Mackenzie can hear her mom say that she’s actually making an attempt the chemo of last resort to save lots of her life, and someway Mackenzie can make it about herself. That’s expertise!

Meanwhile, in Tennessee,  it’s finally Father’s Day and everybody, including Ryan and Mack, have shown up to Bentley’s baseball event. 

“Go Brantley-er, Bentley! I’m tellin’ ya, that boy is a chip off the previous tooth block!”

Sadly for the Edwards crew, Bentley is unable to go house with them as a result of he has one other recreation to play, adopted by a golf event. Ryan and Mack assume Bentley is taking over too much they usually’d would like his schedule be extra just like the entrance of Ryan’s mouth: broad open! 

“If he needs to go house, let him go residence!” Ryan says (as he shoves some kind of fried vegetable product into his mouth).

He and Mackenzie talk about the truth that Ryan can’t speak to Bentley about his jail stint.

“I can’t fear ’bout it too much,” he says. “There’s no fixin’ it!” 

Again on the bowling alley, Cheyenne’s dad Kyle—-not to be confused with Cheyenne’s sister R. WeSeriouslyStillWatchingThisShow—-starts to grill Matt on his feelings for Cheyenne and her co-parenting state of affairs with Cory. In the course of the dialog, Matt reveals that he loves Cheyenne.

“Y’all received that on digital camera, proper?! That was practically a proposal!”

Kyle then forces Matt to provide his definition of affection and reminds him that Cheyenne is trying to get married and pop out some more Teen Mother OG stars youngsters. Matt says he knows, hence that entire Pinterest board nonsense. 

Subsequent we head back to Cate and Tyler’s house as they collect around a cake to sing completely happy birthday to Carly—“the town woman,” as Cate’s dad calls her—all whereas Nova sits there nonetheless confused as to what’s occurring. 

“Simply go together with it, kid… a minimum of there’s cake.”

Later, Cate tells Tyler she needs to ultimately get to a spot where they will do something as a family for Carly’s birthday annually. Tyler says will probably be fascinating to see how Nova and Vaeda react to Carly once they’re older. He also admits they never really considered how they might clarify Carly’s adoption to their future youngsters. Our suggestion: don’t sit them down to observe your MTV highlight reel. 

That’s it for this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’

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(Photographs: MTV)

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